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November 28th, 2008, 22:03
Derby Hippodrome is a classic example of the arrogance and disregard show by "developers" for Listed Building status and the apathy of councils in chasing up their acts of architectural vandalism.

This is a pretty sorry tale, in a city which has kept a good amount of it's historic buildings it is on the verge of becoming theatreless.

There's more story than ever needs to go into a UE report, see here for the full sad tale: http://www.derbygripe.co.uk/hippo.htm

For the cut to the chase soundbite, here you go. Grade II listed theatre left to fall into disrepair. Catches fire by arson, sound familiar? However fire curtain designed for this saves the day. Owner then starts remedial works. Using a 'nibbler'. "Unnecessary Demolition" of part of the structure occurs which is a criminal offence on a listed bulding. Site now sits in a sorry state, half demo'd, roof wide open, plasterwork getting destroyed. Someone should go to jail for this.

Visited with dweeb, a good trip with lots of great theatre stuff around. Unfortunately our light painting in a building missing a roof and side wall attracted some unwanted attention from the local constabulary, but being the stealth ninjas that we are, we only narrowly avioded being light painted by them :eek:

Compare the pics below to the ones from converse1's visit back in March, ( http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=29566&highlight=hippodrome )the difference is sickening.


The 'architecturally significant' plasterwork lies in ruins all round the auditorium

The whole wall and roof section were undamaged by the fire, only by "remedial works"





December 3rd, 2008, 17:04
thing to go bump in the night... tree preservation orders and Type II listings vanish too!
Yup, amazing how just because its out of hours, things don't seem to count. Around here Grade 1 listed status means funk all over the weekend, just because council bods are off duty means we can knock this G1 listed building down, tehehehe...

We all know its happening everywhere, however councils aren't aware of anything existing beyond their constiuancy, they see things happening in their area, but put them down to 'coincidence' when it plainly isn't so the greater public awareness isn't there.

I knew about what had happened to the hippodrome but no idea it was STILL sat in this limbo state, completly ruined. The sht that did this should be imprisioned and fined every penny that ever belonged to them, but this will never happen, councils are FAR too soft, much more interested in inforcing parking restrictions.
Also didn't realise it looked like this...

just TWO years ago :(

No roof doesn't help it :(>
with a roof it could have sat in fair condition for upto 20years (like durham palledium unused since early 80's).

theres a website, but seems to be pretty out of date, the damage occured nearly a year ago, and the website doesn't seem to mention it!

+1 send some pictures anoumously to the council, maybe pass em to the local press, get something moving again? Press will liekly take it the wrong way and print 'Dangerous youths seek adrenlin rush in dis-used theatre, locals call for demolition' type crap unless you help them write something more positive.