View Full Version : Archived Report - Doncaster Odeon - strip out April 2008

May 11th, 2009, 19:47
Following Dempsey & Dweeb's reports on this, I have just registered with 28DL, as I was involved with the strip-out at Doncaster in April last year.

There are a few similar pics, but the place was more intact, having closed just a few days previously.

Of particular interest is the 'Grand Master' lighting board, mentioned in the other posts. It was actually still working when I was there - we used it to light the stage.

I'm told that behind the ugly 1960's plasterwork above the stage is the original proscenium - would be great to see it!

Here's the pics - be gentle - it's my first post!

The Cinemation console in Sc1 projection room. Originally this would have controlled almost every aspect of the cinema, including lighting, heating, projection, sound etc. This had been well stripped when I was there!

The projector in Sc3, just prior to removal. It's a Cinemeccanica Victoria 4, with vertical lamphouse.

Screen 3 auditorium

Passageway between Sc2 & 3, similar to Dweeb's, but light fittings intact & lit!

Art deco doors in the bar

And similarly, the bar windows

The main (sc1) auditorium, screen still intact & visible. The whole screen frame is on wires & pullies, enabling it to be 'flown' above the stage for live shows.

Another view of the main stage / screen. Would love to see what's behind that 60's plasterwork above the stage!

The original mercury-arc rectifiers still in situ. I gather these have been removed & broken by now. Pity really

Tells its own story really.....

Main auditorium (still with seats) looking from the stage. Screens 2 & 3 are behind the drop wall, under the balcony

The 'Grand Master' (think that's correct) lighting board, actor's left on a gantry. Was operational at the time!

Close-up of the lighting board

Notice on dressing room door....

That's it for now. I have more, let's see how this goes down!