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January 25th, 2010, 01:25
The Strand Cinema opened in 1938, in typical deco styling as Warsop's second cinema (the other is now demolished, following a fire in 1980). It was independantly run, seated 785, and closed in the early-mid 1960s, going through a series of uses - including a venue for professional wrestling - before inevitably becoming a bingo hall.



That stack of four windows is the stairwell leading up to the projection room.

Very little has changed internally. Upstairs is virtually untouched, the foyer has had very little alteration, and the auditorium has the usuall bingo seating and number board, but looks as though the screen may still be in situ behind the curtain.
As a game of Bingo was in progress, I was unable to get a look, but am trying to arrange a return visit to see if they'll let me into the projector room.


Some of the original leaded glass is still intact.


The foyer is symetrical, with the stairwells containing a few of the original windows.




Right next to me is the (locked) door to the projection room. Men's toilet (singular) is through the first door you can see. Original tiling and features inside, and in pristine condition. Next door is a staff room, third door is marked Private and locked. The archway on the right is just an archway, not leading anywhere. It's off centre, and not high enough to stand up in, so can't think of it's intended purpose.
Furthest door, after the other stairwell is the ladies, again with the tiling in great condition, and with this mirror still up.


Opposite the top of the stairwells are the doors leading to the circle.




There's a matching missing area of plaster on the opposite side of the circle, but the staff couldn't remember if there was once any kind of decorative feature there.



No seats on the back row. We'll have none of that sort of thing here.



Door leading back to the corridor and stairwells. Mixed lighting reflecting off those yellow walls and I couldn't get the colours right on this one, so I had to flash it.