View Full Version : Archived Report - The Regent Cinema, Old Swan, Liverpool, 10/02/2009

January 7th, 2011, 18:05
Seating 1040, this stadium type cinema was opened in November 1926. Taken over by ABC in 1935, the new owners promptly built a 'super' cinema next to it and closed it in 1938, after only some 12 years.
Subsequently, it was used by ABC as a store for cinema bits, but it became a car showroom in 1959. The last use was as a supermarket, but it was up for sale as an empty building when photographed. Asbestos removal had destroyed almost all its internal features, but gutting the place caused the front wall to start moving outwards, resulting in its demolition last year.
It outlived the New Regent, which closed in 1967 and promptly demolished!

Still looks cinema-ish

Screen end

Stalls end, the floor was raked to the top of the yellow at the rear

Side wall retains a bit of plaster

Close up of its former life

Projection room(less asbestos cladding) over rear stalls

Projection room frame, with stairs opening