View Full Version : Archived Report - Stanley Dock Tower and warehouse Liverpool night visit - Sep 2011

The Kwan
September 11th, 2011, 15:09
Stanley Dock Warehouse, built in 1874 and designed by Jesse Hartley in a similar style to the warehouses around Albert Dock, we did a night visit and just loved loved loved this place with all of its windows and pillars.

I made a night Visit with Maybenot1330 and sephiroth.

All of these shots are long exposure so the colours may appear off and shots blurry but I was pleased with some of them.

The Building itself is huge and very impressive and you wonder how can such a giant piece of lovelyness be left to degenerate.


There are just floors of pillared vaults with arched cielings and most floors are like this



Wonkey I know..There are all manner of stairs here, spiral, stone and steel this is a steel set on the gable of the warehouse.

Lift between floors

And a stone set that is a bit precarious.

Much of the floors are all the same until you get to the top and it is a real sight with the roof smashed in and all of the window, it was sunset and the light was gorgeous, I would advise anyone visiting this place to hit the roof first.
I used rear curtain flash here

The view of the tower and wirral from here was amazing and made for some unusual angles at 10mm

The wirral from the top floor with Wallasey town hall in the back

So we moved over to the Tower as it was getting very late
views from the top



As pointed out in some other tower threads there is a big hole in the centre of the floor at the top of the tower so caution is advised to explorers