View Full Version : Archived Report - Elga Process Water, Lane End

Boba Low
September 28th, 2011, 15:39
This was just a sunny afternoon's poke-about, thanks to Downsy for the tip-off. Only went with 6 shots left on a roll of cheap fuji stuff so wasn't expecting too much, thought I might as well post it just to let people know it's there.

Elga Process Water is a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, and they specialise in the manufacture of water treatment systems. This particular facility appears to have been mainly for manufacturing the chemicals to use with their water systems, as well as a lot of admin and boring trashed offices. Documents on site indicated a 2001 closure. Due to the aforementioned lack of film I didn't get the camera out for a lot of it, merely the few points of interest.