View Full Version : Archived Report - Shipton-On-Cherwell Cement Works, Oxfordshire, October 2011 (Pic Heavy)

October 15th, 2011, 13:12
A quick search tells me there was a report on this last month, but with year-old pictures, so I will endeavour to post some different pictures, some more interiors etc.

Security was advertised by placard, but not a peep was heard, so we wandered around as we pleased around the 5 disused structures.

One building seemed to be occupied, a peek through a gap shows it to be a mechanic's garage of some sort.

My buddy and I thoroughly enjoyed this explore, another casualty of the 80s, and 30 years is evident, but the structures are still very much solid, being all concrete and steel. :D



First thing upon entering the site.


Four of the five structures visible here.


Inside the office block, arson has gutted some of the corridor, but not too much damage.


As you can see by the lovely wood wall panels.


We found a few books of old paperwork, in surprisingly good condition.


The skeletised building had foundations and arches of what I assume was once a floor.


In another building, a storage silo. After a few nervewracking minutes I overcame my fear of heights and climbed to the top, immediately putting my hands in inches of pigeon poo. :eek:



Some not-so artistic graffiti (do excuse me ;)) has arisen


And some more aesthetically pleasing graffiti.

As always, just a selection of pictures, please check out the rest here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ssillmanphotography/sets/72157627898114016/ as it really is a great little explore.