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October 24th, 2011, 09:52
Visited with Collingwood and Gh0sT :thumb

Closed down under protests over dioxins and other newsworthy fears, the disused waste incinerator in Hanley Swan has had several proposals put forward for what to do with the site since 2007.

At one stage the most likely proposal was to turn it into a "Low-impact eco-community" but this was turned down with a statement from the location council that it was "The right idea in the wrong place".

Most recently discussions have been pointing toward reopening the site because of new housing developments in the area, although this seems equally unlikely to happen since waste is now viewed as much a commodity as something to be disposed of - recycling materials has become big business since the plant closed.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that the place can be economically returned to a functioning state after seeing the condition of everything. The roof is fucked and water has been pouring in for a long time it seems. Almost everything that could rust has rusted.

The main machine room





The control room




The cranes - sadly we couldn't get in to them close up.


I wasn't happy with my externals, but the chimney climb was fairly... dangerous! It was bloody windy up there and the whole things swayed. Seeing a nice selections of holes where the top of the chimneys had rusted through, we didn't spend long up there!

I think Gh0sT is going to add some of his shots to fill the report out a little :)

Thanks for reading.