View Full Version : Archived Report - Paper Mill, Crooks Ferry, Walthamstow - August 2011

Silent Slider
October 30th, 2011, 21:18
Passing the Cook's Ferry industrial estate between Walthamstow and Edmonton I spied this lovely dark brick building.

I found a very helpful oldish dude who helped me get through the rat maze and through to the front of the factory.

He also informed me that the building was an old paper mill which, during the second world war, the government moved a portion of the River Lea to run down the side of it. After the war the rive was re-routed back and the section running by the mill became a storm drain.

I have not found any factual evidence for this so bear in mind it might be incorrect. As soon as I find information I will link to it here.

There are no internal pictures as I could not get in to the building. There is one door and I know who holds the key, however, the ladder up to the first floor is broken and the stairwell is blocked. I spoke to the MD of the estate to gain a permission visit. He did not allow this because of the stairwell issue and the fact that the floors are coated in thick pigeon shit. This has not put me off and I am determined to get in there.