Tower 2 was explored a little while back when it was 'leading' ...but now it has a big sister - Tower 1 which has gone through a major growth spurt over the last month.
Its now topped out at 50 floors , with floor completion to 37 ...the remaining floors still being constructed.

Access to Tower 1 a little trickier than Tower 2....but once in and up a few floors its all good.
The Site currently has 4 Cranes....all monsters....but Tower1 has the biggest.
All collered to the structure and a nice platform higher up saved a loooong crane climb.

Straight to the top for some magnificent views ...
The 'Wharf

The 'O2

Canary Wharf Close up..

Little sister....Tower 2

Long way down...big Crane this one...520ft to the Cab

Climbing down from the crows nest and chilling out on the gantry level.

and checking out the roof of Tower target

Climbing back down the crane into the core and up through the maze of scaffold , eventually to the cool breeze of the upper level of the structure.

The arms of the surrounding cranes rise up above the horizon level...gentle clanking of the chains in the light wind gave it all an eery feel..

There is a rumour that the top levels will glow in the dark on completion....using a biophosphorous chemical in the concrete mix....however its having the same glowing affect on the local mice/rats .....I offered this one some cheese and it scuttled across the roof......

Another great view of the river from here..

The glow of the West end in the distance..

Leaving the roof and heading back down again to the 38th floor ...still being laid

Just time to tag the site with light , before making my exit....