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Thread: Templeborugh Steel Works (Rotherham) 21/10/06

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    Arrow Templeborugh Steel Works (Rotherham) 21/10/06

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    Visited the Templeborough steel works today with DBS. Not alot left inside, but what there is, its fantastic. The building is enormous, lengthwise. We were amazed at the structure, as the roof is only held up by the 4 surrounding walls, there is not colums rising from the floor up as you would expect to find.
    I believe this was a rolling mill, is that correct? And reakon that the large machines with the huge chains was to move bar accros ready to be rolled, is that correct? (struggling to find more info about the place).
    The inside walls were covered in graffiti, although some of it was very good.

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    Default Re: Templeborugh Steel Works (Rotherham) Report 21/10/06

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    my self stood on top of the 15ton crane in the no. 9 shop, thats the shortish building that runs parrallel to the finishing banks

    same pic but from my point of view

    my self in the roof

    i was at the same level as the top door

    there just a few, but i've got them of the finishing banks, inside the ingot stripping crane, in some of the tunnels and on top of the water tower

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