Welcome to...

Where, until 2006, they made pallets. Some were special pallets for special things.

Others were fooking huuuuge, probably used for carrying massive monkeys.

Of course, making pallets can be dangerous.

Luckily, Setonet could deal with any pallet related injury, especially if it involved your tits, fanny or arse.

After his quite frankly appalling performance at Glastonbury in 2004, The Godfather of Soul retired from fucking up all of his boss tunes and started working on the pallet production line. Obviously the years of being a sex machine had taken its toll with James appearing 4 times on this page of the sickness register alone.

Here we have more evidence of how dangerous producing pallets can be for your arse. One poorly executed lift and it will simply explode.

This is where the magic happend for James and his colleagues.

A flock of dead pigeons. Apparently the police haven't ruled out mass suicide.

And that's enough drivel.

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