"Morrilew Pottery or better known as Middleport Flour Mill or locally known as Port Vale Corn Mill. sitting on the banks of the Trent and Mersey canal at Milvale Street Middleport, the mill opened sometime around 1844 and has operated under various owenerships as a flour mill until 1924, parts of this flour mill can still be seen in small parts the building, insets of the mill stones can be seen on the first floor." From Host's Nov '09 Report.

It took some time to see this one on the day due to a Council Van being parked right outside with the workers loitering in the guise of doing some kind of work.
Due to time spent at other sites on that day we were running very short on time. Ode to the joys of working evenings. So we decided against doing the side with all the pottery in that every seems to cover in favour of venturing into what we have now dubbed 'Hobbo Hotel'...

Thanks for looking