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Thread: Sedburgh Mills (and surrounding areas), Halifax- September 2011

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    Default Sedburgh Mills (and surrounding areas), Halifax- September 2011

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    Hello all

    This is a nice easy explore with some cool stuff inside to see, not particularly interesting for an established explorer but for newbies like me and bromaz it was a good do. Found it while heading for a different place but got turfed out by the builders on a saturday so went for a walk and came across this, then re-visited with nick on the monday. Cant really find any history on the net, and the guy who stank of piss living across the road only really told us about his shitty EDL views so he wasn't helpful either.
    found this though:
    There are some pictures of the cool stuff around the fringe of the site as well so I'll stick some of them.




    (me heading to the roof)

    It was at this point I was just starting to get to grips with my new DSLR. then I had to put up with nick making comments behind me, sat on broken glass with the floor sagging beneath me, and I promptly lost my grip on it. and dropped it, did you know cameras could bounce? all the photos from here look a bit grainy and crap so im pretty sure iv damaged my lens, but ill put them up anyway

    heading out to the mill streams

    I'm sure nick will stick some of his up
    Thanks again for looking, sorry about the terrible quality of information at the top theres nothing out there.

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