Visited with Tcake inspired by the awesome post by Larey and Dempsey we headed across the water (humber) to grimsby, now then security here is interesting to say the least , cameras, patrols (foot and van) and contractors all make it fun to go play there , after circumnavigating the site we have a plan , we cleared of to check out the Icehouse but BTP have other thoughts threaten us with prevention of terrorism act if we take our cameras out of our bags..nice... so access was done 3 or more hours where had playing, we decided to leave once noticing that we where leaving too many footprints... and seccas could have followed us everywhere. The place has changed even from whe n Dempsey and Larey where here , new fences and more deconstruction so get it while it lasts.

History ..Plz see Lareys & Dempseys reports


epicness pipe porn

Thanks for looking

Not really part of the report and a bad picture but these barrens scared the "xxxx" out of me and tcake, be careful in there guys