First report, And like the fool i am, Forgot to put the camera back in my car, Had my tripod and everything. Just no camera, So sorry about the picture quality, iPhone 4 pictures!

Anywho, Visited with non 28DL member, Got to the site and demolition workers were there, Pretty gutted if im honest because most of the site has been demolished, Speaking to the workers they said it will be gone soon, Nevertheless i shall let the pictures do the talking..


The Nestle chilled liquid foods processing plant at Cuddington in Cheshire was purchased from Northern Foods along with the well known Ski yoghurt and Munch Bunch brands, for £145m in February 2002.

The deal also involved the transfer of around 300 staff, although some of these were made redundant during restructuring in October 2002. The facility, which was constructed in 1991, and produces over 50,000t per annum of Ski, Munch Bunch and Sveltesse yoghurts.

In January 2007 Nestle contracted CPS (Carlisle Process Systems) for major expansion at the Cuddington plant. Nestle UK needed to upgrade the plant in two ways.

The first problem was to provide a stabiliser mix plant consisting of two big-bag powder dischargers, emptying into a powder weighing vessel, a high shear vacuum for incorporating the powders with liquid additions as well as for transfer to the yoghurt mix process.

The weighing and mixing sequences were to be sized to provide a hold-time for hydration before transfer to the yoghurt process. The whole package was designed to be system controlled from an Allen Bradley PLC with a local operator screen and an interface with the existing Accos plant control.

In addition, Nestle needed to modify an existing Erca filling line from four pot filling to six pot filling; this included an additional fruit-dosing station, coupled with process modifications at the filling machine to feed yoghurt and fruit to the new filling head – including clean-in-place (CIP) systems.

In 2007 it was announced the production of Ski and Munch Bunch yoghurts will shift to Continental Europe.

Dont think anyone is going to be using the bridge anymore..

The views from the rooftop: