Stanley Dock Hydraulic/Accumulator Tower, Liverpool


Located to the west of north warehouse the now derelict hydraulic tower built in 1848 and now Grade II listed stands

Constructed from rubble-granite blocks, a tall octagonal tower with castellated top and a round chimney; with arrow slit openings housed a large accumulator

Attached, a 5-bay pump-house with a Tudor arched entrance and windows - Here a stationary steam engine powered a pump to keep the accumulator charged

Designed to store water under pressure, the water was then used to supply hydraulic power to capstans, lifting machinery and presses around the dock

I have passed by here many times and never bothered to look in, so last night a flying visit for a few pics, a rushed job really so apologies for the shoddy pict0rs


Spiral Stairwell Inside Tower


Chimney/Bascule Bridge/Tobacco Warehouse


Outta Here - Crumbling sandstone stairwell