Mobil Oils Blending Plant, Birkenhead

I visited this place a couple of months back with Millhouse, Ex0 & Xan

The site had become somewhat of a tourist attraction over the summer months, reluctant to go as I have passed by many times and thought Meh

BUT eventually curiosity getting the better of me I decided to head over and see what all the fuss was about

The entire site is f00ked really and has suffered at the hands of the pikeys over the past decade like everywhere else

I'm not gonna go into too much info on the actual site, as there are a dozen great reports on here covering the entirity

In all honesty I was more interested in the Fort Austin that was in the same dock being re-fitted, but after a quick recce was being patrolled by a couple of seccas from both sides

Situated on a 25 acre site at Birkenhead Docks, Mobil have been producing lubricating & hydraulic oils since 1906

Later Mobil and BP combined their efforts in 1997 and the Birkenhead plant took over BP production in the UK

The site eventually ceased production and closed in 2001
Anyway I'll chuck a few pics in of my own..

Blending and Seperating Plant

Loading Bay

Barreling plant


Labs & Grease Production

Automated Warehouse

That is all