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Thread: St Mildreds Tannery, Canterbury, September 2011

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    Default St Mildreds Tannery, Canterbury, September 2011

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    For a long time i wanted to put Canterbury on the 28dl map and finally here it is.. not that i'm the first to do this place, there are reports from here on other forums i.e. Maniac's one, late '08. Since then place has become a housing estate, there's one last remaining building awaiting converting into hotel.

    history: St. Mildred’s Tannery was established in 1860 preparing and tanning imported hides. From 1988 it concentrated on the dressing, softening and dying of hides. The tannery closed in the early 2000's and has now moved its centre of operations to an industrial estate in Thanet.

    Altogether a good explore, lots and lots of pigeons eeverywhere.

    Thanks for watching.
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