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Thread: Ordnance Survey Building, Southampton, Sep 2011

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    Default Ordnance Survey Building, Southampton, Sep 2011

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    Well for my second explore this place was truly amazing. The scale of the site is difficult to get your head around, and is full of different things to see. Luckily a fellow urberxer was able to guide me, Blackeagle and Chrisr86 round, or else we would have missed out on some really amazing sites, I fear.

    Anyway, obviously the building was used to create and print the OS maps that I'm sure everyone is familiar with and apparently there used to be a huge stash of old maps, but sadly they were all 'donated to the Southampton archives', although no there's no paperwork to prove so...

    A nice stop off for a snack and a drink, yeah?

    A return trip to the roof at night was definitely worth it!

    Just as we were about to leave we found this suitcase that looks like it belongs in the Ipcress Files or a similar 60's or 70's spy movie!

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