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Thread: Grimsby Ice Factory, Grimsby, September 2011

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    Default Grimsby Ice Factory, Grimsby, September 2011

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    Hey Guys,

    The Explore

    This was a solo one for me, having found myself stranded in Grimsby with little to amuse myself with. Having given up on the ‘bustling’ high street, I found myself driving around the docks and stumbled across the old ice house, which I’ve been aware of for some time, but had no idea where it was.


    The Ice Factory was built by the Great Grimsby Ice Company Limited and first opened in 1900, extended later in 1908 by consulting engineer W F Cott. The buildings are approximately rectangular on plan, with a passageway cutting diagonally though, which formerly carried a railway. The building is believed to be the earliest remaining ice factory in the UK, and possibly the sole survivor from this period complete with machinery.
    The factory originally housed steam powered ammonia compressors, however these were replaced during a modernisation and expansion programme in 1933 when 5 new compressors were built by J&E Hall of Dartford Kent, powered by 5 generators built by Metropolitan-Vickers of Manchester. These five compressors and generators remain in-situ and are both the largest and oldest of their type in the country, running until 1990 when the factory finally closed. The building in now Grade II* listed.

    In 2010 a trust was established in order to secure the future of the Grimsby Ice Factory

    a diagram of the ice making process










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