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I've been here so often and so many times, I'm thoroughly sick of it. Not to say it's not a decent mooch, but I'm gonna try and restrict my visits to just one more.

In the last 4 months I've met more pikeys then I care to remember, I've dodged port police, I've been covered in more oil than is healthy, spent more time on site than is healthy.

To top it all off I fell into a Xan trap (read a knee deep drainage channel full of oily water) and got my ankle caught having to get pulled out by The Kwan and ex0. Thanks guys


Taken from Ojay's report
Situated on a 25 acre site at Birkenhead Docks, Mobil have been producing lubricating & hydraulic oils since 1906

Later Mobil and BP combined their efforts in 1997 and the Birkenhead plant took over BP production in the UK

The site eventually ceased production and closed in 2001
Plus there was the metal womble who died there in 2009.


Tank Farm


Pipe Pr0n

Barrel Filling Station


Roller pr0n


Classy memorial



QC Sample




Top of The Shop

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Thanks for looking guys