Once again found myself with nothing to do for a few hours so decided to try some where a little closer to home in between the rain showers.

Unfortunately not been able to pull any information on this place. Seems to be that anything in stoke that is not pottery or no older than 50 years is not documented any where on the web. All i have gleamed is that it was once a Repsol owned site. So if any one has information on this site i would be most grateful if you could share.

1. The slightly weathered security (?) tower

2. Having second thoughts about climbing that one.

3. Stripped.

4. A couple of the 22 columns that make up this site.

5. Clinging on for dear life amidst the grip of vertigo.

6. Still holding on...

7. One last look as the sky begins to clear.

Thanks for looking folks!