This was one hell of a afternoon's explore. Me and a photographer friend who wanted to give urbex a go drove down to Harlepool to the long-abandoned Cerebos factory. From what I understand, the place used to make Sharwood's currys and chutneys before being closed down many many years ago. I read that the demolition has been canned or at least delayed due to the usual budgeting issues.

This site also saw my first dealings with the long arm of the law as, upon leaving the building, we were greeted by a polite and reasonable copper who I don't think really understood the whole idea (He thought we were involved in some kind of sport - maybe you could call it that). Anyhow, we escaped with a warning that apart from the trespass issue, the building was chock to the rafters with disturbed asbestos! I should have really packed a particulate respirator for a site like this the more I think about it. I will certainly be putting one on my shopping list as dying early of cancer could really interfere with my exploring.

Now, public safety warnings aside, on with the show...

Makeshift skate/BMX park

Games room?

Cleanliness is unlikely now in this place.

Heathy and Safety: Not applicable anymore.

The factory thought to warn their staff there was high voltage but didnt think it warranted any specificty about where the high voltage was exactly. Maybe this was to keep workers on their toes?

Loading bay of some variety.

Very broken corridoor.


Broke! Guess we take the stairs then.

Going up...

Creepy corridoor

Crazy big blue vent-shed thing.

Too late. Sorry!

How come these places, no matter what the size, have one (and only one) chair hidden in them somewhere?

Nature begining to take the building back.

Stock elevator motor room.

Stained glass window.