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Thread: Bolton Metalworks - Sept '11

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    Post Bolton Metalworks - Sept '11

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    I've done some googling and can't find the name of this place.. when you see the pics it goes to show it's probably been shut for at least 40 years.. it's like a concrete jungle inside, and using the term jungle, i mean actually housing plants :P Was pretty interesting to look around, and had some nice features, including all the wireboxes stripped of their wires, probably by the local smackheads got some funny looks off some beer can-wielding old men reccying this one out, but it was well worth a look

    If anyone knows the name, then it would be appreciated ive tried fitting letters into the gaps in the sign but nothing comes to mind

    Outside the building, with the sign

    The main room, there were two of these massive rusted shipping container things, but we had a look inside and all we found was a deckchair and a hella lot of needles

    Another shot in the main room

    A smaller room attached to the main one

    Another room

    Some yellow cranes

    The biggest door we could find in the place - makes me wonder how they got the containers from the first shot into the premises

    The only stairs in the building

    Rounded off with the most colourful factory wall i have ever seen in my life..

    Hope you enjoyed

    [EDIT] I took drhowser's guess to google, and it turns out this is called John Booth's Engineering & Metal Treatment

    P.S again, i hold no credit for the pics - taken by my friend but she doesnt seem to want to put the reports up so i hope she doesnt mind
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