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Thread: Record & Ridgeway - Sheffield / September 2011

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    Red face Record & Ridgeway - Sheffield / September 2011

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    Well here it is, my first report for 28DL. Please let me know your thoughts even if they are critisms.

    Record & Ridgeway - Sheffield

    After looking over many reports on this forum I thought it was time to go explorer somewhere myself. This was my first outing of this kind and I was on my own. I initially headed down to George Barnsley & Sons, but after walking around the area I couldn't figure how to get in . So taking a stroll back towards town I came across Record & Ridgeway and so decided to have a snoop around.

    There's not that much left as the chav's and what not have obviously been through there quite a few times, but still it was interesting to take a look around, especially the upstairs rooms and corridors. Managed to scare myself shitless a few times believing that someone else was there, but it just turned out to be pigeons. I don't think I covered the whole of the premises, as I've since seen videos on YouTube of the cellars (but there was no chance of me heading down there on my own!!!)

    After spending about an hour wondering round I slipped back out into the streets of Sheffield un-noticed with an appertite for more!

    Apologies for the lack of history on this place. The only info I can find is that Record & Ridgeway manufactured tools.

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