Visited with LiamCH and a non-member.

This place is basically a live scrap yard which specialises in scrapping railway rolling stock. As someone who has travelled on the trains they are currently scrapping all my life, I had to go there to see them in their final resting place.

The part of the site we were in was the final home to around 20 cars of Ex-Metropolitan Line A60/A62 stock which have all been withdrawn in the last few months, some as recently as a week before our visit (as specified in the trains' defect log book).

Interestingly there are also some Ex-Victoria Line 1967 stock trains there, which all had a notice stuck inside them which read 'This car is to be re-used DO NOT SCRAP' and also a contact name and number. I have heard that a few are being stored at Eastleigh, however it isn't clear why they are storing them at Rotherham too.

I'll leave the photos to tell the rest of the story.

Thanks for reading.