Holliday Pigments - The worlds largest Ultramarine Manufacturer. There is a promotional video here for the Hull site.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez4q1XF5GvU

“External factors have contributed to reduced profitability within the business and, in particular, at the Hull site,” says Holliday Pigments’ Operations Director, Glynn Jagger. “The Company has considered a number of options to secure its long term leadership position in the market and it has become clear that it is no longer viable to maintain two manufacturing operations in Europe."
The site closed in 2007 with the loss of 95 local Jobs.

The Pikies have well and truly "partied" in this place.
Other sites, my general dislike of Hull, missed opportunities and past stories of shotguns and dodgy security kept me away.
I've wanted to climb the chimney for ages and after a false start recently involving firearms i thought i'd give it another go. Another fail thanks to recent changes etc. Another time.

Rewind a few years when Squirrell MadMax & Zerocool cracked the place Holiday Pigments & Chimney - Hull 11.06.08 it was worthy of some excitement.
After being very late to the party this is what remains...

Thanks for looking