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Some history for those that haven't seen the other threads around on this.

Founded in 1895 as Northern Electric and Manufacturing it was responsible for supplying telecommunications equipment for Canada's fledgling telephone system. Nortel became a major player in the telecoms arena battling with both Avaya and Mitel for the biggest portion of the PBX market (Business telephone systems to keep it simple) but it also had a serious amount of history. In 1914 after one of many mergers the company rebranded to Northen Electric. During the First World War Northern Electric manufactured the Portable Commutator a one-wire telegraphic switchboard for military operations in the field and in 1922 they produced the "Peanut" vacuum tube capable of being powered by a lone single cell battery. In 1949 AT&T/Western Electric were forced to sell their stake in the company and Bell of Canada bought in.
By 1976 the company was known a Northern Telecom and then finally it became Nortel as its known today. At its height Nortel accounted for more than a third of the total valuation of all listed companies on the Toronto stock exchange, then the bubble burst and controverses arose which led to its eventual dimise.
The Harlow campus was sold on a sell to let agreement in 2002 meaning the owner basically let it back to Nortel (Sell went through for 85 Million) and Nortel finally fell in 2009 and its assets were slowly sold off. The most significant being the sale to Apple/Microsoft/RIM alliance of 6000 high level patents. As a stark reminder of their fall from grace at their height Nortel shares were worth C$120 at their fall they were delisted at C$0.185.
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