I last visited this mill back in 2009 - it wasn't in brilliant shape then, but there are some lovely touches and an amazing collection of different buildings of different ages.

Some history, shamelessly copied from my last report:

Kilbagie Distillery was founded in 1720, and was visited by Rabbie Burns, but the increasing popularity of gin made it unprofitable, so in 1875 it was converted to a paper mill. It passed through various owners, the last to run it as a paper mill was Inveresk, who own the Inverkeithing and Carrongrove mills Iíve reported on before, and it closed in 2002. The site is now owned by the Oran waste group who use the modern water-treatment plant installed by Inveresk, but are trying to sell the rest of the site.
Oran now seem to be demolishing some or all of the mill.

Still well worth a look around, though.

I think a metal thief was having a laugh with this one:

The graffiti says "Contact us www.cable collections.com 24 hrs 7 days"

More pictures, from both visits, are in my Flickr set...