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Thread: Holdings Country Pottery, Oswaldtwistle - October 2011

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    Default Holdings Country Pottery, Oswaldtwistle - October 2011

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    Holdings Country Pottery, Oswaldtwistle - October 2011

    Next stop on the noobie-derpbus-grand-tour... Holdings Pottery.

    Visited with fishbrain.


    This family affair was started in 1842 by James Holding at a small hamlet called Gaulkthorn, moving to Broadfield Pottery in 1860 where it continued under James Holding’s sons and grandsons until the early twentieth century.

    In 1900, James Holding, grandson of the founder, became manager at the current site. By 1912, the remaining brothers had joined James at Broughton Barn where they worked together for the next 37 years.

    From 1950 the firm continued under James and Stephen Holding until the early 1970s when Geoffrey Holding joined his father, Stephen, in the pottery. Five years later, Geoffrey Holding (a fresh-faced 22 year old at this point) ran the ‘Museum/Craft' Shop and Tea Room, while a guy called Roland Tregurtha was busy throwing round the back as the only remaining potter.

    It looks as though Geoffrey and ‘Holdings of Oswaldtwistle’ continued at the site into the new millennium.

    On 31st December 2003, Broughton Barn Development Ltd was set up and seemingly went about creating 3 new-build homes on the adjacent site of the old Broughton Barn Farmhouse. The legal wranglings of such can be found here...

    I was able to determine that our famous Geoff still lives in the Accrington area. It's amazing what information you can find on the internet! I think he needs to go back and collect his belongings.


    I have more information, but i'm going to stop there. The pictures are surely intrusion enough.

    Thanks for viewing,

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