Sorry for the late post this is from last september, however im still in my 28dl infancy so here it is.
I read somewhere that this place is getting torn down now? If somebody knows whether this is true or not it would be nice to know.

Visited with CarbonAngel and another friend who isn't a forum member.

I know plenty of people have reported this place, however i thought i might be able to show a few different angles so to speak.

Little bit of info about the decommissioned power station:
The Power Stations construction was started in 1959 and the first phase completed in 1963 and the second in 1965. Thorpe Marsh was built as a prototype to all the large modern power stations built along the river Trent and most of the coal fired stations in the United Kingdom. Thorpe Marsh had two generating sets which were powered by coal as well as a gas turbine set which used a static industrial version of the Rolls Royce Avon aero engine.

Safety at the plant became a major concern when four workmen died at the power station on 7th January 1973. Although a verdict of accidental death was recorded for all the men who died, the Central Electricity Generating Board was taken to court for allegedly breaching the safety provisions of the Electricity Regulations of 1908 under the Factories Act.

The Central Electricity Generating Board operated Thorpe Marsh until 1990 when National Power took over following privatisation in 1990. National Power closed the power station in 1994 selling the land to Able UK in 1995. A majority of the power station at Thorpe Marsh was demolished, all but the six cooling towers, two ash slurry silos, railway siding and the large switching station close by. The cooling towers, which are 340ft high and 260ft in diameter, have been left due to fears of the demolition explosions would rupture the banks of the nearby River Don, the canal and damage the railway tracks close by.

Thorpe Marsh now sits awaiting an uncertain future even though proposals for a car distribution depot or using the site for land fill have been raised, neither have been popular.

I do

If you come here you gotta have a digger shot.

Some kind of mini fridge with a freezer at the top? Hmm

From inside one of the office blocks

Previously reported to be a piece of engine for one of the turbines?

Staircase leading underneath the train tracks.

Another level down but flooded out so no go

Under the railway

I think everyone finishes with this one don't they?

Thanks for looking.