Ever since this site first exploded onto the scene nearly a year ago now it occupied the top spot of my 'must see' list, and in the company of Flubs and Xan, I finally found myself inside the huge industrial site on a rainy grey gloomy day up The Wirral.

The only slight downer was missing out on the Automated Warehouse - as anyone who's been there would know access is risky at the best of times and in the constant rain like we had it would simply have been too dangerous to attempt. We thought we would miss out on the main blending room as well, but after a mission managed to gain access to it a different way.

All in all a fantastic, amazing place which surpassed all my expectations. Yes it's been pikeyed to hell and back but I can't see how people can slate such a massive industrial site of epic win. It's up there with Pyestock and Courage Brewery as one of my favourite industrial explores ever.

Thanks for looking, many more pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie4...7627743997699/