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George Barnsley and Sons Ltd. (founded 1836) specialised in forge filing and cutting tools for leather workers and shoe makers. One George Barnsley was Master Cutler in 1883. By 1852 George Barnsley and Son Ltd moved to Cornhill and increased there product range to include steel files, shoe and butchers knives.

George Barnsley died at his home on 30th March 1958, he lived with his wife Mabel and mother-in-law Elizabeth. He was a partner in the firm which were steel and file manufacturers and the business was converted into a limited company about 10 years before his death.

He had a long army career, joining up in 1896 and serving in the Boer war and two world wars. Colonel Barnsley played a leading part in the development of the Army Cadet Force in Sheffield. He Died Aged 83.

The building closed around 2004.

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