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Thread: Stambridge Mills, Essex Oct 2011

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    Default Stambridge Mills, Essex Oct 2011

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    If anyone in Essex is looking for a site with plenty of photo opportunity
    then I have found one that needs pretty prompt response, as it is
    due to be bulldozed imminently and is getting vandalised by the day.

    You have probably got 4-6 weeks before its too late.

    Here is what it USED to look like back in history

    Rochford is situated on the small River Roach.

    Historically, the town’s principal trade was in
    corn: in 1850, 45% of the town’s working population were employed in agriculture, with much
    of the local produce being transported by vessels from the mills and quay at Stambridge.

    The connection between the mill and the employment and prosperity of the town is, therefore, historic.

    However, during the 1970s and 80s, a large commercial area grew up
    to the south of the Stambridge Mills around Rochford Shipyard.

    Stambridge Mills

    The site is adjacent to the River Roach and has historically been used as a mill for the transport and processing
    of grain. This activity stopped in the late 90s and the site has been vacant since.
    The site area is 1.8 Ha.

    And more recently, just before its closure.

    It has been set fire to, twice, and a lot of the main buildings are pretty well boarded up and therefore dark. Already some of the brick buildings (offices) have been levelled and more will soon follow.

    Here is the Front View

    And the side view.

    Here are some of the shots taken once inside.

    A couple of 2nd storey shots outside.

    Moving towards the outside

    Pretty weird place to post your letters?

    Now these MUST be worth a climb. (Over 100Ft)

    Inside some of the outbuildings.

    Look. An industrial Snail.

    PROBABLY not live!!

    I hope that this report isn't too picture heavy (Less is more, Etc) but it is a huge site and there is a lot more than one person on his own (And a newbie to URBEX at that) can manage.

    Complete set of pics HERE
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