Visited with Bekoir, and met up with Humpa & his friends; later meeting up with J4M3S_UK and his friend

The moon was foo-kang stunning this night! I just couldn't resist heading down to here again to try and better my previous shots & i didn't come back disappointed.

Shamelessly stole HS's history

Wredon Quarry sometimes confused with Wardlow Quarry, is a relatively recent quarry first opened in the 70s. The two quarries are next to each other and mainly provided limestone for the cement works at Cauldon low.
The quarries developed as two separate mining operations, but were later acquired by Tarmac. Tarmac then suspened mining operations in the mid 2000s as planning permission was required in order to consolidate the two workings into one large ‘Wardlow’ quarry.

Tarmac submitted a planning application in March 2010, which will be decided by December 2011 and looks likely to be granted.
Here is the application

Hope you guys like them