My friendly search button tells me that Lea Quarry has featured on here previously so Iím not going to go into the geology lesson about the type or how the rock of Wenlock Edge was formed many millions of years ago.

There has been talk of the National Trust taking on and managing the site for many years. The Shropshire Local Access Forum report from January 2011 states that the owners (Aggregates industries) have asked the National Trust for more money as they believe the site could be developed as a holiday village. It mentions outline planning permission would be put before the council to test feasibility. (A quick search of Shropshire council online planning portal doesnít reveal any pending applications)

However, the 2011/2012 Much Wenlock Place plan states the following:
  • Investment requirement and opportunities Ė Restoration of former quarry at Wenlock Edge (Lea Quarry)
  • Lead delivery partners Ė Aggregate Industries UK and National Trust
  • Other partners Ė Shropshire Biodiversity partnership and Shropshire Council
  • Cost - £2.5 million
  • Timescale Ė ongoing
  • Potential
funding sources Ė External funding, develop a funding bid

As pictures of this place have been seen before, Iíve tried something different. If you donít like the format Ė please say so and I wonít do it in this way again and will revert to standard format

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