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Thread: NGTE Pyestock OCT 11

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    Arrow NGTE Pyestock OCT 11

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    thought i would post my pyestock pics as i went there last weekend with monk, sorry if your getting sick of pyestock as it seems everyone went there on there same day lol.
    A bit of history, NGTE pyestock was built for the design and development of the gas tubine engine to be used in an aircraft which was proposed in 1926 by R.A.E scientist dr.Alan A Griffith. The site was built on a 195 acre golf club known as bramshot, over the years pystock built more test cells to accomodate for huge projects such as concordes turbine engines as well as the harrier turbine engine and the rolls-royce 593 engine, none of this would have been possible without building test cell 4 in 1965, this made it possible to direct super sonic air into the tubine engines air intakes,. Pyestocks test cell 3 was there largest altitude chamber used to test engines in the 50,000lb thrust class in a wide range of flight conditions, it was first used in 1969 to test the rolls-royce RB211 engine in an icing condition makeing the study completely safe, these 2 cells required increase in air exhauster capacity leading to the building of additional large exhausting machines, Before 1954 pyestock was powered by steam as there was no altitude chambers (test cells 1,2,3 and 4), foundations were being built in 1954 for altitude chambers 1 and 2 and took 3 years to build makeing the first test in 1957. Pyestock now sits as a redundant MOD site with its technology and machinary just to old to keep up with the rest of the world in gas turbine engineering.

    security doing there rounds

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