Im an idiot and completely forgot about an external pic, and when I had the chance to go back to get one, the building was gone, so a shameful screenshot from streetview for the first picture.

Volclay Limited

When we went, the front part (warehouse we think) was gone, but most of the rest of the proccessing equipment, pipes etc still stood. We only came accross this by accident but spent a good few hours here, it was an okay mooch, climbing round the many ladders. We ended up leaving when squeezethatgap was really paranoid somebody was watching us from a car, I told him it was definately not a person, and sure enough, when we got down, it was a TEDDY, idiot!

About Volclay
Volclay International processes natural minerals into raw materials for industrial processes and household products. The firm produces and markets specialty mineral products used for industrial, environmental, and consumer-related applications including foundries, cosmetics, construction, wine clarification, and environmental services. It is based in Merseyside, United Kingdom. Volclay International operates as a subsidiary of AMCOL International Corporation.

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