Upholland Brickworks

Im not sure of the exact date this closed down, but my estimates are about 15 years ago. As far as I know the company made bricks and some paving products, the bricks went on to win many awards . The company is still operating but in a new premises next door. There is a quarry behind the sites to quarry for clay. This was on my to do list for a while, and my mate who lives right next to it reminded me about it so I planned a trip in. Visited with 2 non members over 2 night time visits. We did 3 other trips last night after here for a reccy, one was Tower Hill Tower in ormskirk, a really nice building but access door was welded shut, its one for an experienced climber, second one was a nursing home which was completely trashed, third was ormskirk water tower, which was sealed tightly.

Sorry for the amount of pics, ive managed to narrow them down from well over 200 that ive kept. This place is so big. When we first went, we thought it was quite big, then when we visited again, we found more and it turned out to be 3-4x bigger.