Oh no not more Sheffield stuff i hear you cry oh well heres some anyway some sites i visited over the last 6 months or so i know they are all familiar but its a while since i stuck anything up. All the sites were visited on foot from a central point of Sheffield and Meadowhall train stations plus a bit of help from google earth all solo visits.

First off Wharncliffe works i stumbled across this when looking for Barnsleys so had a quick wander around.

Next a shortish walk to Cannon Brewery i was looking forward to the views from the top of this place and they didnt disappoint.

The reception area

Views across Sheffield

Spotted this from the roof looks like walking distance next stop.

final one from here now a little climb up to StanleyTools

One of Sheffields best the great tool maker

Is that the brewery i can see. Bumped into a chap in here who claimed he owned the place and told me he didnt mind me taking pics as long as i kept off the roof as his men were working up there mmm likely story!!

Now arriving at Record Marples who amongst other things made vices i had 2 for years which served me very well.

On the roof quite big this place once inside though totally stripped and every window smashed.

It was the graffiti that caught my eye in here.

final one from here now over to Firth Vickers

Firth Vickers steel makers impressive tiling in here.

Now a trip to Sheffield must include the famous G Barnsley tool maker
This place was has been covered so many times just a few to finish on purely from my perspective.

This is what i love about these sort of places industrial decay followed by nature taking over.

Thats it thanks for looking.