Couldn't find any infomation on the Strand leatherworks apart from it looked like it was formally G H Stafford & Sons which was established in 1947. They say on there GHS website that they no longer manufacture, instead using suppliers in the far east.
We have built up strong ties with selected suppliers and our ongoing commitment to our manufacturers has enabled us to offer an extensive and varied range of handbags, purses, wallets, and accessories to help us meet customer requirements.

I don't know about you but I've been enjoyed this mild November. As you can see from the opening picture it was a lovely day. Didn't need the tripod much with all those windows.

Thanks to donebythehands for bringing this to my attention.

A morbid array of hamster hides cruelly pinned to the wall.

One of a few briefcases lying around which they also made.

Pesky vandals.

A carcass of and old cigarette machine.


I've got quite a collection of pictures of rusty rag burners. I'll have to start a blog.

There are less pictures on my flickr page....