Spearworks and Springfield Mill Cheetham Hill Manchester, sorry on the delay i visited here with Hidden Shadow back in September trying to find new places to explore. we came across these two at first they seemed to look ok from the outside but on entry both have been stripped pretty bare and lacking to much of interest. Cheetham Hill is full of these type of places now mainly used for wholesale and look like their empty but to my surprise most are still in use no doubt for sweat shops and ready to fall down. Their is little i can find on these, the first spearworks is a mixture of wholesalers with the only evidence left were some Jewelry items and a few signs however i still liked the layout and the stairwell other than that a little disappointing but you have to get in to find out.

Spring field Mill has more to offer in the way of history(very little) and something worth shooting. built in 1845 and is of grade II listing, unfortunately the mill was set on fire april 2011 and suffered a lot of damage but still has a lot of charm and one or two nice surprises like the old TV. both worth a look if your in the area.