NGTE-Pyestock III Tilt/Shift for those that don't know tilt and shift is the type of lens used to create the desired effect shown here, visited with two non members Mark and Dale. Oh Pyestock what can you say about this site that hasn't already been said, there have been a lot of excellent reports as of late it's like open season again here not that I'm complaining this to me personally is one of the best explores and i love it which is why i have made the very long trip three time now and still want more. the place has seen some metal theft since we were last here but apart from that it's still an amazing place, the explore started with picking my colleagues up at 11.30 from the train station then a long drive south, once inside we got some 2 hours sleep then once day broke we started the explore. we must of got lucky this day we had great weather and didn't see security once. once it stared to get dark we headed out and headed home. this is one place i need to back to as their are a lot of reports on this place and most cover the same areas i need to know what's in some of the other buildings closer to security(anyone know).
Tilt and Shift for those who may be interested is a type of lens where the front element can be tilted forward or backwards tilting the plain of focus so you can focus on one area as shown the shift element moves the front of the lens up and down to correct the verticals mainly used for architecture. you can create some interesting effects with this so this is my take on Pyestock...enjoy