Thornseat Lodge, Strines/ Nr Bradfield. Sheffield.

Noticed a thread by Leary (good stuff mate ) from 2006 so thought I'd check it out.

Bit of history:
Thornseat Lodge was originally built in 1855 as a shooting lodge for William Jessop steel maker. It became a children's home in the 1930's and remained as such until the early 1980's Since then it has become derelict.

I was on my way from Sheffield to Leeds and decided to have a look (solo explore). There's not much about it on the net really. The place is in a terrible condition, the floors are a death trap, there is no way to get upstairs, Not much of a problem as most of the upper floors have fallen down to ground floor level!


Main gates

W J carved into the stonework. For William Jessop.

Swimming pool!


View out through hole in 1st floor and then out through a lay-light.

Kitchen door.

Open plan kitchen!



Cool place, go on have a look, you'll like it!