Heard about this place from a friend who lives nearby.


A cold war construction was being used by the area health authority as an equipment store until march this year.

All the main buildings were secure when we visited so not really much to see other than the 5 munitions stores,

various states of chavviness and some quite good graffitti.

All blocks were easily accessible. Somebody has recently replaced the entire perimiter fence with spiked steel railings, 6 foot high and some good cover to climb over but there's plenty of spots to get under if your'e thin. As we came out we noticed a pile of tyres up against it next to the Army Cadets Hut nearby. D'Oh!
The area is very open country you can be seen for miles, as we found out. The farmer who's land we'd gone through was waiting for us as we walked back to the car, though he was quite friendly when B showed his Army ID.
Will have to go back and try the rest of the buildings.