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Thread: United Glass, The Unseen - 12/02/08

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    Arrow United Glass, The Unseen - 12/02/08

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    Visited with Bigjobs.

    Bigjobs happened to find this on a previous explore and thought it needed more coverage because it could hold something well worth seeing. So a breif transaction of PM's and a date was set to go look into it further.

    Access was pretty simple to the main building although the office block took a little bit of thought.

    Once inside we made lots of fantastic discoveries, stuff that you really wouldnt expect to be in a site like this! Pristine Drawing Rooms, Labs and Administration rooms were scattered about the place.

    On our way out I happened to notice something and asked Bigjobs whether had had seen them before. A quick 'Yes' was mumbled without much thought until he saw what I was talking about, gigantic fresh dog prints! A quick escape was made but the fun wasn't about to stop there; as we made our way out to the outside of the main building we spotted headlights slowly drifting around the site right by our entrance point! Next thing we saw is torches illuminating various bits of the building we were in. Now we've never seen security at this site before, but now we do at almost 3am and at a stupid temperature!! A quick dash was made to a vantage point so we could watch where he went until we picked a moment to do a suicide run and hope for the best.

    Anyway enough of the talk, more pictures!

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