Victoria & Hunslet Mills. Atkinson street and Goodman street. Leeds

Bit of history:

The building at the front was originally built as Victoria flax mill circa 1860-70 on the junction of Goodman Street with Atkinson Street.
This was occupied in the 1930',40's and 50's by a tailoring company called Botterill & Senior. This is the bit known as RH Bruce.

The building at the rear backing onto the river Aire was known as Hunslet mills. latterly this was a blanket weavers called Dodgeson and Hargreaves.

Sydney.A.Smith, Ladies Skirt and Coat manufacturers also occupied part of the Goodman street side in the 1950's.

Part of the site was also used by Boyd Thomas, cloth finishers in the 1940's

Goodman St entrance in the 1950's

and today...

Hunslet mills counting house interior

Victoria mill in 1999. as RH Bruce. Note the front is open and not breeze blocked up.

and today.

up the steps in Hunslet mill.

These looked like rails. perhaps to drop coal into the furnace?

The Mill on Goodman Street side.

behind the old entrance.

old fridge in the kitchens.

serving hatch.

Obligatory bog shot c/w porn!

Lift and peely paint!

Behind the breeze blocked entrance to Victoria mill.

The other side.

The entrance and offices of Victoria mill.

and again.

Ceiling rose and decoration.

Safe room. This door looked like wood but was solid iron.

Favorite pic of the day!

Back outside again, The inner buildings within the compound.

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