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Thread: The Molendinar Burn, Glasgow - Nov 2008

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    Arrow The Molendinar Burn, Glasgow - Nov 2008

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    After my previous explore of Glasgow's Molindenar Burn, I had to go back to cover the downstream section, which runs from Duke Street down to the Clyde.

    The downstream tunnel entrance:

    First there's beautiful stone, quite high:

    Then stone walls and a brick roof:

    Then circular brick, with some neat side drains:

    Then lower and oval, with some steeper sections:

    It then opens up a bit:

    Before getting quite a bit lower:

    Going under a large pipe:

    A couple more side drains - theses don't drain into the burn, they end up somewhere underneath it:

    Then a whole series of beautiful brick arches:

    Then it gets very, very low and goes under the underground rail line from Central Station - I was half way through when a train went overhead:

    Then a long, long backbreaking stretch:

    Then a junction, where another burn joins - I haven't been able to find the name of this burn, but it follows the route of Greendyke Street:

    Carrying on a bit further, the burn drops into a smaller pipe, and the way is impassable - this must be almost at the Clyde:

    Going back upstream to where Greendyke joins the burn, there's a wall and pillar:

    Going up Greendyke this time, the way is a lot more pleasant than the burn - much higher:

    Some nice changes of construction:

    A bit of modern concrete and brick:

    Back to brick, and some nice reassuring reinforcement:

    Some more beautiful side drains:

    Then good old steel pipe, the same as upstream on the Molindenar Burn:

    A newer, more open section:

    And at this point, I stopped to turn back, as it was getting late:

    Stopping only to photograph some subterranean mushrooms:

    At a guess, I travelled about a mile and a half under Glasgow - and back again, of course! The Greendyke was still perfectly accessible when I abandoned my stroll, so who knows how far that goes. As usual, my Flickr set has lots more images...
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