Well, after a few weeks of poor explores I thought I'd jump in the car and do something proper. My instinct took me to Dover, I'd been meaning to get down here again for ages and by 'eck I'm glad I did. A quick wander on the coastline and within a couple of minutes I found this......

The hatch took some lifting but I was quite smug when I looked into the shaft. My main concern was whether the strong wind would blow the hatch shut again. Fingers were crossed!

The tunnel at the base of the shaft.

Once at the end of the tunnel there is a door leading into the plotting room. This entrance would have been the emergency exit.

Inside the plotting room

The plotting room would have been for the local coastal artillery batteries, directing their fire towards the enemy.

Frustratingly, I couldn't get into this door.

Through the open door is the plant room, with some ventilation kit still in place.

Switchgear still on the wall.

Lying on the floor are plenty of air filters, I presume these were for respirators rather than the ventilation system.

Certainly beats an ROC Post!
I've got several more sites to come yet, it'll probably take me a week to sift through the hundreds of images I took , but watch this space....